Thursday, 23 January 2014

Family Photo Friday #4 - 24/01/14

This week has disappeared in a pile of work, mostly. At the weekend we celebrated our friends' daughter's baptism, and I photographed the event... Which meant I spent the whole day on the wrong side of the camera.

However, a little bedtime silliness and the camera did catch my two children - in and out of utero - for this week's Family Photo Friday. 

Her fascination with the bump is growing as much as the bump grows itself.

Her prediction last week was a dinosaur. This week a girl. We shall see! 

Thank you to those who linked up with me last week. Each week finds a new face, and it's so lovely to have you all on board! 

My favourite image this week came from Life as a Mum - I think it filled me with excitement for E having a sibling and the special relationship they will have... And who can resist a puddle?!

Right then Week 4! Let's recap the rules! 

  • Share a family photo from your week just gone. It needn't be a Family Photo Friday specific post, I don't mind you recycling! You can join in weekly, monthly or just whenever you can. It can be a formal portrait or a snap from your phone, something you posed for or something you caught when no one was looking. It could be from a day out, a gathering, an activity at home, it doesn't matter so long as it gives a snap shot of what your family looked like during the week that's just been.
  • Give us a brief explanation of your photo. 
  • I'd love it if you could grab the badge to add at the bottom of your post and Tweet about it using #familyphotofriday - my Twitter handle is @oneformybaby12.
  • Pop over to visit at least two other bloggers and see what they've been doing - maybe you can watch their family grow and change too!
  • Leave a comment if you can.
I promise to visit as many of you as I can and I'll pick my favourite photo to share next Friday.

Happy photo-taking and memory-making!

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