Sunday, 26 May 2013

"Wing it" Activity No. 2

Bean bags

When I popped into ELC yesterday, I spotted these for £4 and thought I'd see what we could do with them. They say suitable from 2+ but I think there is fun to be had with them at 14 months too... 

This is definitely more of a long term learning activity than the water beads, but even just some playing today has been fun and has developed some new skills, including:

  • New vocabulary - "Can you put the bean bag in the bucket? Can you take the bean bag out of the bucket?"
  • Throwing - we've had some experience of throwing - mostly dinner on the floor- but also in the garden throwing a ball for the dog but this is throwing we can do inside and requires a little more precision.
  • Catching - well, she made a good attempt at catching, and really enjoyed watching us throwing the bean bags back and forward to one another. This will come! 
  • Counting - one, two, three, four. 
In time there's more to do, to name but a few:
  • Colours
  • Hoopla type throwing into chalk circles/buckets/containers
  • Juggling (!)
... all of which are good for developing hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, language, strength and numeracy.

I'm looking forward to more beanbag action! 

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