Monday, 27 May 2013

"Wing it" Activity No. 3

A homemade blackboard for the garden

Huge apologies. I was already turning myself into a blackboard when I realised my camera was upstairs, and when I went to get it to take pictures of E enjoying the fruits of my labour, the battery was flat after a hard day of snapping yesterday. So here's "Wing it" Acvivity No. 3 with the help of iPhone/iPad, Instagram and a fabulous little app I've just discovered from A Beautiful Mess

Quite simple really. Make a blackboard. Have someone who is handy with tools hang it in the garden, get out the chalk and off you go! 

So many things to develop including:
  • Gross motor skills & mark making
  • Fine motor skills and grips
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Vocabulary about colours
...and the board could be used as part of other larger activities with older children... Shapes, blending, spelling... I'm going to use it as a photography prop, and no doubt it'll make some good grown up entertainment too! 

The paint cost £6.99, the board which is just shy of 3' x 3' was £7.70. Such a fun project in the sunshine and a product with longevity, I hope! 

And obviously I couldn't help but have a go too! 


  1. Super stuff! I've painted an Elmer shape on my sons bedroom wall with blackboard paint too - so much fun for them and so simple! Love this!
    Thanks for joining in with the Parenting Pin-It Party, following you on Pinterest too (I'm ) x

    1. Hey, not going to lie, I want to paint everything with the stuff! I'm a keen follower of yours over on Pinterest :) xx

  2. I am so doing this for our daycare! They always want to chalk on the fence, and that's so hard to get off. Glad I found you!

    1. Glad to have been a little inspirational! That said E did draw on the fence in her excitement today, but she is using it more and more every day. Very satisfying! Good luck, and thanks for popping by!


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