Sunday, 21 July 2013

I'll shut up about this soon...

I. Am. Amazed.

Not only did our Little Lamb bamboo nappy look super cute (wish they didn't need a wrap though!) and angelic, with one extra booster it lasted ALL. NIGHT. 7pm - 6:20am. Amazing. With the wrap over the top it felt and looked secure and I much prefer the security of completely adjustable Velcro fastenings rather than poppers at night. They didn't lie when they said it was bomb proof.

I had to check the sheets I was in that much disbelief. There's only one brand of disposables that sees her through leak through and despite drinking HUGE quantities in the heat yesterday there were no leaks. AT. ALL.

Two successful nights. An extra two nappies saved from the bin and 28p in my pocket for the privilege. 

Did I mention I was a complete convert to cloth? Love. Love. Love.

These bad boys came in a trial pack of two with a wrap and some flushable liners, but that promotion seems to have ended now. Lots of other similar offers to be had! Go go! 

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