Friday, 19 July 2013

The Nappy Diaries

What glorious weather we're enjoying! This must be to make up for last year's wet wash out? I'm not going to lie, being at work at this heat is far from enjoyable, but the excuse to get out early and go swimming with E or get out in the garden is wonderful! With the good weather come pros and cons; the tomato plant has gone mad, the cloth nappies dry so very quickly... But my hay fever is getting me down and nothing seems to be touching it. Miserable Mama H. The good news is that E has spent a lot of time in her Charlie Banana swim nappy and it's safe to say that it definitely keeps the poo in! Hurrah! 

Aaaanyway, bunged up noses aside, we are settling well into cloth and it's safe to say I am 100% converted. Who'd have thought it!? This weather has definitely made the move easier, but I do wonder how I'll feel when nothing is drying quickly in the winter, but we'll go with it... The Little Lambs have had 4 or 5 washes now (even if we haven't used them all, like last week when we went away on Saturday morning we've shoved them all in to get them stripped as quick as possible) and there is a noticeable difference in their absorbency, which is great. E is drinking a lot in this heat and cloth is doing just as well as a disposable. I have ordered some boosters though, for car journeys and such and await their arrival. 

We seem to have gotten into the swing of them easily. My husband, who was skeptical about cloth to say the least had E up and wearing one before I'd even made it downstairs this morning, with no reminder. He even admitted that his image of cloth nappies was probably somewhat outdated and he hadn't realised how simple it could be! The first lot of disposable liners I bought were useless but today I tried some different ones which seem to stay in place FAR better. And are flushable. Double win.

Little Lamb had a UK sale on recently, so I ordered two bamboo nappies and a wrap in a trial pack to try at night. They've arrived today and are drying speedily on the line in anticipation of bedtime. There's only one brand of disposable nappies that's managed to see E through the night successfully so I am looking forward to seeing if they are as bombproof as they claim! I'll let you know how we get on! 

I've also been using washable wipes - it made sense if we had nappies going through - and I'm happy to report that although I don't seem to be able to clean up a poo with just one wipe, they're really no hassle at all! 

So all is well and E seems happy enough toddling about with a slightly bulkier bum. And she has the perfect weather to show off how cute her fluffy bum is because today is a strictly no clothes day!


  1. I love cloth nappies so much! We also use cloth wipes. I don't feel so guilty for using a ton of them for random things lol. Wiping noses, hands, all of those things I'd feel using a baby wipe was wasteful. Not anymore!

    1. That's it isn't it?! I thinking about getting some coloured microfibre ones for faces and hands, seeing as we're into this!


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