Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

We're half way through August and I've not blogged once this month. We're half way though the summer holidays. What?!

I spent a week of it bed ridden with what I can only describe as flu-like hideousness. I've not felt so awful in a long time. Thank goodness for my wonderful husband assuming the pilot's seat and managing the house while I was out of action! 

Now I'm back on my feet the good weather and E's desire to be outside keeps me away from the computer. I've also fallen in love with crochet, and have some projects on the go to keep my occupied.

E is amazing. Holidays are always huge developmental leaps for her. She has so much to say, she talks about poo a lot, and has learned so many new things, new words, new skills. She blows me away. She's been a delight on two trips to see some of our friends and their parent's houses this week, and everyone has commented on how well behaved, sociable and delightful she is. Proud mama.

Here's a massive photo dump of a few things we've done since I last posted. A lot of having fun! I promise to be around a bit more now... Promise.

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  1. As always Mama Hall lovely photos. Here's to a healthy happy rest of the holidays. X


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