Sunday, 25 August 2013

Easy crochet hat

Last month I took up crochet. I was seeking a hobby that I could do in front of the television: My photography is a whenever affair but the processing all takes place upstairs on the iMac and my sewing machine projects happen in the dining room. Both quite antisocial, away from the husband, my weekly favourites on TV and quite intensive. Cannot be done while E plays. Having failed at knitting in my youth, I thought I'd try crochet and one of the girls at work taught me before we broke up... Safe to say, I am HOOKED! *pun*

I've already made E and my step-mother scarves for the winter, and am in the process of a gorgeous blanket for Charlie's baby. I'm learning to make decorative roses, but have mastered a simple hat, and thought I'd share the "pattern" with you. I say pattern, because some of the process was done by eye and guess work... See what you think.

My hat was made from Sirdar Indie Riot wool, which is super chunky and marbled. I chose Flint Creek. It's easy to crochet with with a 8mm needle and is lovely and soft! 

E's hat (v1 & 2 - v1 being a smidge too small so headed for my god daughter!) is made from James C Brett Marble Chunky in MC8 and I worked with an 8mm needle for this too. I love the way it forms natural stripes irrespective of how wide you go. Magic wool! 

I bought the Sirdar from Hobbycraft as I popped in for something else, but the rest of my wool I've bought from independent sellers locally. Please try and support your local shops!

So this "pattern" is made up from nosing around other patterns I found online and finding something I could a) understand and b) mess about with easily to make different sizes. I am going to try and write down what I did for the adult hat and note any differences for the toddler hat, but a lot of it, once I got going was really about judging size by eye, which is why the smaller of the kids hats is probably a little too long for the width. Obviously the chunkiness of your wool will have an impact too. I'm not being very helpful am I?! Good luck! I'm very much a beginner and as long as you're familiar with the basics I'd say it wouldn't cause you too much bother. I'd welcome feedback, and if you're stuck for stitches, I always refer to this fab site for help. 

1. Chain (Ch) 3.
2. Slip stitch (Sl st) into the first ch to make a ring. You need to leave a hole in the ring for the next stage, but you can tighten it later.
3. Ch 2, double crochet (dc) 11 into the middle of the ring. Once complete, pull the tail from when you cast on to tighten the ring (else you'll have a hole in the top of your hat. Not ideal!(
4. For the next round, ch 2, dc 2 in each stitch around to the end and then join the round with a slip stitch and pull tight.
5. For the next round, ch,2, dc 2 in the next stitch, then dc 1 in the next two stitches and repeat all the way round then join the round with a slip stitch and pull tight.
6. Repeat stage 5. Alternating the stitch keeps the top of the hat flat and it should look like you're making a coaster.
7. At this point, you need to decide if the top of your hat looks wide enough. For the toddler hat, I did another round like this because the wool is thinner and it doesn't grow so fast. What I will mention is that you want it to be a bit smaller than you think it should be. You'll be surprised, I think. Once you're happy, you're going to follow stage 8.
8. Ch 2, dc 1 in each stitch and slip to join at end of round. Looking at my adult hat, I think that's about 9 or 10 rounds (should have written it at time of making!) and the toddler hat 12 rounds. Keep putting it on the head of the recipient and make sure you don't get so carried away it covers their eyes! Allow for the final two rows which are a bit different and will be wider than any previous two rows!
9. Ch 3, then triple crochet (tc) into each stitch. Sl st to join at the end. 
10. Ch 2, then dc into each stitch. Sl st to join at end, pull tight and cast off.
11. Weave in your ends on the inside of the hat to hide them.
12. Add an optional bobble.


  1. What a great hat. I never could get into it when younger but might give it another go. Thank you for the pattern.

    1. Please let me knownhow you get on! May your head be snugly warm this winter.


  2. wow its lovely :)well done you

    1. Thank you!! Following you on Bloglovin' now...

  3. wow such a wonderful hates .Thank you so much for sharing.

    crochet hats for women


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