Monday, 21 October 2013

A step forward

So here we are. 20 weeks. Half way. 

This is insanity.

I was writing a guest post the other day, which is due to be published next week about preparing for a baby, and I suddenly realised how much there was to do and it has given me a kick into doing something for this one's arrival which is much closer than it sounds!

The other weekend we found ourselves in IKEA buying ourselves a new wardrobe. This weekend, D enlisted help from a friend and assembled it. Why is this significant? Well, D's clothes currently live in a chest of drawers in the spare room, which is about to become the kids' room. So those drawers needed vacating - pronto! This baby has somewhere to sleep and somewhere to keep their clothes... Progress. Now to start boxing some stuff up that we don't need out and thinking about doing some decorating. I'm still very much thinking about that! 

In other news... 

I had my 20 weeks scan today. Baby is happy, healthy, a little big for gestation. And tall. Just like it's sister was. I went on my own, which was a little odd, but I'm pleased to report that nosiness didn't get the better of me and I stayed firmly Team Yellow. Time to buy some white baby grows! I bought the wool for a baby blanket this week... I fear that my list of Christmas makes will be getting in the way of that for some time.

This week has definitely been the week of growing: I'm starting to feel HUGE and I'm feeling baby much higher up now. I've had the appetite of a king and some of the nasties of pregnancy that I'd managed to escape or at least deal with up until now have started to become a little more problematic. And of course the pharmacist wont give you anything. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm making a shopping list for the kids' new room and pinning like a mad woman on Pinterest. That'll satisfy me for now.

Less than 20 weeks to go...

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