Friday, 4 October 2013

The Bucket List

So last weekend in the euphoric state of enjoying pregnancy, a fellow blogger promptly kicked me and reminded me that my days of having one child were numbered. I got a smidge emotional about it. It wont be me and her anymore, our double act. It'll be me, her and someone else. Someone equally as amazing, I have absolutely no doubt, but our double act becomes a trio in less than 22 weeks time and things will never be the same again.

This sudden pang of guilt, sadness, loss, I'm not sure what, was firmly cemented on Wednesday when I met my consultant. After quite a difficult appointment talking at length about E's birth and the ins and outs, he picked up the phone and booked my caesarian. So, at 17+4 weeks, I found out my unborn child's date of birth. Exciting, hugely exciting, but that means that there are only 22 weekends left and, as I've just kissed her goodnight for today, 21 Fridays - mummy days - left. Oh my word. I genuinely never thought I could feel this teary about it.

So, it's time to start a bucket list of all the stuff I want to do with her in that time. Just me and her.

This is how it looks so far:

  • Rinse our Sea Life annual pass while I can still walk and before it expires shortly after baby arrives.
  • Go on a Train Journey
  • Go to Winter Wonderland this Christmas.
  • Get a new battery for my camera remote and ensure that we get a lush photo of the two of us.
  • Sign up for some Tumble Tots sessions.
  • Join the Library
  • Buy face paints and go mad.
  • Go puddle splashing (must buy myself new wellies for this!)
  • Have a proper PJ/duvet day - no boys allowed.
  • Bake together.
  • Master the scooter.
  • Go to the beach. Preferably Southwold.
  • Build a snowman (snow pending)
  • Get out and enjoy as much outside time as the weather and my hips allow.
But that's as far as I've got so far. This list will grow.

Anyway, to kick start the bucket list we went and signed up at the library today and brought home nine books to enjoy. The highlight of the trip for E was taking as many books out of their boxes as possible and piling them on the floor, before "rearranging" the older children's books on a nearby shelf. She also was somewhat flummoxed by the reflective panels on the outside of the building, and enjoyed racing her reflection on the way home.

So we're both fully fledged members and E has her first stamp in her BookStart passport. She's enjoyed some of her new reads this afternoon, and I've loved discovering new stories with her.

21 Fridays. We've got a lot of fun to have.


  1. Good luck with the bucket list - enjoy every moment before the nect chapter of your lives begin. We love the Library, we've got quite a few of the BookStart certificates now and Monkey loves getting his passport stamped every visit

    1. I'm going to make it my personal challenge to ensure she get's well and truly stamped up! Thanks for popping by!!!

  2. I so felt the same with Beth when i was pregnant with Joshua it was as if i freaked out about have the 2nd one. I think the bucket list is a lovely thing to do :-)

    1. Did your worries disappear the second he was born Jaime? I keep welling up about it... Deep breath.

  3. Sounds like a great list, i hope you manage it all x

  4. Thus sounds like fun but please don't worry about adding another child to the mix! E will love her sibling and the bond they will share will be amazing and make you smile. You can still do all the above one baby arrives and in my experience was easier when baby was here than in later pregnancy. We did Winter Wonderland too before no.2 arrived and was great. It was quieter during the day on a weekday at the start of December so we could enjoy it and after the circus it was dark and started to fill up.

  5. That's a good tip, maybe I'll take her on a Friday and tick off the train journey at the same time....

    Thanks for popping by!

  6. Good morning--I'm visiting from the Raising Imperfections link party--how wonderful that you've introduced your daughter to the library! It's never too early to start raising a reader--truly one of the best gifts a parent can give! Enjoy!

  7. What a lovely list of fun activities - I hope you get through it! I love to see children reading and a visit to the library is brilliant and during the holidays some have story time and other activities planned for the children. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  8. It's even better with two, and you can schedule one on one time. My kids are the best thing I ever gave to my kids, if that makes a bit of sense. :)

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

  9. Sounds like a good list, and all achievable :) I remember being terrified about having our second, wondering how on earth I'd ever love another child as much as the first, but when they're here you'll realise you have more than enough love to go around

  10. Aw! I know it can feel the end of time with your first child, but you will still have time together and her life will also be greatly enriched by having a sibling too.
    I love the bucket list, it's a good way to help make sure you do the things you want to.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  11. Hi Mama H, I sent you an email about our book we are creating (Adventure Living). As I’m taking my chances if you and your readers/followers can drop their bucket list at our FB Fanpage – Adventure living. Thanks!


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