Friday, 15 November 2013

Review: Ozeri Double Wall 8oz Thermo Glasses

If you're anything like me, the obvious Christmas presents have been bought, or at least cited. You've got a spreadsheet, and some wrapping may even have begun. But there's always someone who has everything, or needs nothing or you're just stumped for... Well, I might just have the solution.

I've been lucky enough to review another product for Moderna, this time the Ozeri Double Wall 8oz glasses.

These aren't a "must have" product, they're definitely a luxury product, but they're really, really cool. We have flummoxed friends with the cool exterior and hot inner... 

They're essentially a glass for a hot beverage. But a glass that wont burn your fingers as it's being passed to you, and looks awesome on your table. A glass that would be best used to serve cream topped liqueur coffee in... Except liqueur coffee is off the menu at Thursday's Child HQ until March 2014. Never the less, we drink our weekend tea or coffee from them and enjoy something a bit different. 

They look more fragile than they are, and have withstood the odd accidental clink when washing up. They are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, so I guess you could serve a sorbet in them too! Each one is hand blown, and they definitely have the luxury, artisan feel they claim to have. The glasses are dimpled, so they fit well in your hand as well as looking fabulous. And they do sit nicely inside each other, if you need to stack to save cupboard space.

For me, the only thing I slightly dislike about them is their size. They're definitely more "after dinner coffee" than "morning brew" sized, and I'm a sucker for a big mug, but if quantity of hot drink is what you're after, Ozeri make a taller version of this glass too. Marvellous.

I was excited for these glasses to arrive and they haven't disappointed. They make a fabulous conversation topic and I feel quite sure that should someone receive them as a gift this Christmas, they wouldn't be disappointed... Likewise, were you to treat yourself... 

The RRP of these glasses is £29.99 (although they are prices slightly lower on Amazon UK*), which to me seems a smidge pricey, but you get what you pay for: Presented fabulously, and a hand blown, quirky product. Those tricky Christmas list gifts are sorted.

Thanks Ozeri! 

Moderna Housewares kindly supplied the above product for free for the purpose of review, however all opinions are my own and completely uninfluenced by any other party. *Prices correct as of 15/11/2013.

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