Sunday, 17 November 2013

So now you dance

Yesterday was a big milestone in this pregnancy. 24 weeks. "V Day". The turning point at which the medics would actively do everything they could to help my baby should something happen between now its due date. It feels good to be here. 

This week has been quite a week. We've all been riddled with sore throats, coughs, temperatures and feeling quite off colour. It's been a busy one at work. E was home poorly on Thursday. I managed to ruin an entire load of washing (including most of my limited maternity wardrobe) throwing in an old scarf that the dog had slept on only for it to turn everything a hideous shade of cooked salmon. Then on Friday (the day before V Day), about 7pm, I'm merrily blogging at the computer and go to head downstairs and before I know it I'm bouncing my way down on my bottom.  I grab the stair gate to steady myself and pull it off the wall. I have skinned my elbow. I have a blue backside... My biggest concern is baby, and of COURSE it decides it's a good time to have a nap and do nothing. Chocolate... Cold drink... No movement. So I called the hospital who asked me to go in to be checked. Needless to say, as I drove myself to hospital the worst thoughts were going through my head... I was 4 hours away from having a "viable" baby... 4 hours too far.

Now, I'm being cared for my a different hospital this time as I had such an awful experience at my local hospital when having E. I know full well that they would have dismissed me in this situation. However, lovely new hospital were amazing, and understanding, and didn't make me feel like I was wasting anyones time. 

The second I lay down for them to do some checks, the small one arose from its slumber, did a little dance and promptly got the hiccups. Small one is fine. I am fine, just sore and stuff and battered, but I'll keep. 

A huge relief.

Preparation is moving on. We have booked E into nursery for a day over Christmas with the specific intention of painting the kids' new room. Batch one of baby loans has been returned and we are sorting though, pulling out the neutral stuff and putting the pink back up in the loft. I am LOVING my new pram, be it only in single mode, and am hovering over the eBay listing as I write waiting for my old pram to sell. I bought an extravagant blanket yesterday, but my is it soft! The last two weeks have seen the arrival of no less than three babies to friends or family of friends, one pink and two blue, and I'm getting increasingly more desperate to meet this little one and find out which team it'll be joining...

Now, if next week could be a little calmer, I would be grateful.

The countdown continues. 


  1. I hope you have a calmer week! =)
    Your blog is lovely!
    Stopping by from Super Sunday Sync #62!

    1. Fingers crossed..... I suspect that will never be the case! Thanks for stopping by. X

  2. I love the belly shot! I have only a couple for each of my four pregnancies. I so wish I had more!! Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

    1. Thanks Rosey, I am trying to take at least one a week.... I love comparing them to pictures of my bump when I was pregnant with my daughter. X

  3. So pleased you are both safe and well, I love following your pregnancy journey xxx


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