Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Family Photo Friday

I sorted through trying to find my thirteen favourite photos of 2013 a few days ago. It was so hard to choose, but it made me look through images from all the way back in January and I couldn't believe how much E had changed, how much my hair had grown, some of the big things that had happened, the clothes she's outgrown. 

I thought I'd like to start taking a family photo each week as a matter of habit to record some of this too. And what better way than keeping it up on my blog? Then I thought others might like to join in, be it weekly, monthly or whenever they could.

So starting on January 3rd, I'll be hosting a new linky, Family Photo Friday. Share the link to a family photo from the week, grab the badge, tweet and use #familyphotofriday. It doesn't have to be a portrait. It can be a snap from your phone or something more formal, an activity you did together, something that happened during the week, a milestone event... Write a few words about it and then enjoy reminiscing at the end of 2014!!

I hope you'll be able to join me whenever you can. See you on Friday and in the meanwhile.... Wishing you a happy, peaceful, prosperous and well-photographed 2014!!

#familyphotofriday starting January 3rd 2014


  1. It sounds like a lovely idea. I've done something similar with my baby daughter. I've taken a photo a week and it's amazing seeing the changes each week.

    1. They change so fast don't they? Maybe I'll see you there! Thanks for stopping by!


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