Sunday, 8 December 2013


I have two significant milestones to celebrate in my life this weekend.

The first is THIS IS MY 100TH POST! I cant believe I've found enough interesting stuff to write about, but it feels good and if I'm honest, part of me can't believe I'm still here.

Even more excitingly, yesterday was 27 weeks and that means it's the third trimester of this pregnancy. The last lap. The final countdown.

It genuinely only seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant again. I just don't understand how this can be. I didn't enjoy being pregnant with E and this time I feel so much better and I simply don't feel that I've even had a second to stop and enjoy it. 

In the battle 'Mama v SPD' I'm afraid to say that SPD might be winning now. I'm having to slow down, but it's not been the easiest of weeks with E home poorly with another temperature and a bad mood to match... A koala around my neck is not what I need right now! The pain is worse at the front at the bottom of my pelvis, more so than I remember last time, and I feel stiff all the time. I might be walking like a duck, but I'm battling on, co-codamol in hand!

This baby is a mover. Non stop wriggling, thunderous rolls and hiccups that make my brain hurt just thinking about it. Thankfully, it seems to have the same idea its sister did and settles down at night time. I think it's head down and bum up under my right hand rib cage as the biggest kicks feel like they're in my waist, right to the side, and hiccups are definitely down at the bottom of my bump.The weight and gender guesses have started - I've dug out a picture of me at 27 weeks with E and snapped myself in exactly the same vest top yesterday for comparison. I think I'm bigger this time, but my bump has changed shape in the last few weeks and my prediction is...

GIRL. 10lb 4oz.

You heard it here first. E, for reference was 9lb 13oz. Place your bets!

December 24th 2011 27 weeks
December 7th 2013 27 weeks

I'm pleased to report that we're finally over the worst of our colds and catching up on sleep. Just these final molars to contend with. D cheered me up yesterday with a maternity Christmas jumper (I was in New Zealand for Christmas was pregnant with E so needed no such item in my wardrobe!) so I'll be living in that for the next few weeks.

I'm off to watch The Polar Express and put my feet up. I don't have much feet up time left! 

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  1. I have four kids and the first two were 9 lbs 4/10 of an ounce and 9 lbs. 4 oz. Nice, healthy babies. :) Good luck to you in the final trimester, you look great!

    Thank you for visiting Super Sunday Sync.


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