Friday, 27 December 2013

Seasonally plump

Visiting a friend's newborn today, I felt a pang of broodiness and a little ache in my ovaries. And then it dawned on me: My pregnancy countdown is into single figures. I'll have one of those in less than ten weeks. 

My darling little girl looked positively grown up as she sat on the sofa eating Christmas cake, shhh-ing the adults that spoke as the baby slept peacefully in the moses basket on the other side of the room. Just yesterday D and I had to remind ourselves that she's not yet two years old. Her new fringe has taken away a bit of that messy haired toddler innocence. Having her home for the holidays, her language has come on tremendously. There are so many new words everyday and she is so wise to everything. It makes me well up a little just thinking about it. 

My unborn is currently breech. Christmas Eve eve was a horrible night as it turned itself around. The heartburn was horrific and the pain in my bump intense and tender. E was breech for a long time and now I remember how uncomfortable it was. I have hit the third trimester wall of tiredness and I am thankful that I am blessed with such a hands-on husband who has done the baths and chasing and running around with E that I'm finding more and more difficult. 

Christmas was divine: Round 1, a buffet lunch at home with friends and family before driving to my dad's in Norfolk for Round 2 where we were waited on and spoiled silly and enjoyed being suitably lazy while E lapped up time with the family we don't see so much, then onto Round 3 on Boxing Day for lunch with 'Grauntie' (my mum's sister) and more lovely gifts before returning home and then scratching our heads about where on earth everything would go and how we were going to cope next Christmas with gifts for our two children. Minor palpitations.

If I'm not fortunate enough having a husband who just loves being a dad and does an amazing job of it, he also went over the top with gifts for me, the crowning glory a new lens for my camera and a tripod...  You can expect a deluge of photographs over coming weeks, starting now, with a brief Christmas round-up.

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