Thursday, 27 March 2014

I mustn't forget

It's hard to believe that we are flying through week 3 already.

You've grown so much - last week you'd piled on 11oz in 7 days.

You are getting stronger, you're starting to straighten out and you've perfected burping to a fine art.

You have set your routine.

You're starting to smile - and it's definitely not wind!

I can't believe how much I've forgotten about newborns... It's only two years since we were here before... Here are five things that I don't want to forget:

That newborn smell - is that what womb smells like? If so, I get why babies don't want to come out. That smell is fading now, but there's something lovely about kissing a newborn's head and taking in that smell. I can't describe it, it's a sweet kind of smell, but every mother who has held her has commented on it. That newborn smell. 

That tight grip - the grasp around your finger, that takes hold of your hair and wont let go, so tight that you could hang them on a washing line and they wouldn't fall.

Innocence - they really don't know ANYTHING other than comfort, hunger and sleepiness, and the sound of your voice. And it astounds me even more this time, having watched how much they change and how much they learn so so quickly. They really do start with nothing. A blank canvas for you to make your own.

Blink and you miss it - they fall asleep on you and wake up looking completely different. Their eye colour changes daily, one minute they look like daddy. Then mummy. Then suddenly you catch a glimps of another relative. And it keeps on happening. Isn't nature clever.

Skin like the most luxurious fabric - Blissfully soft and smooth, still fuzzy like a peach and absolutely perfect. 

I want her to stay little forever. These days are all too few and all too precious.

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  1. That newborn smell is just the best thing ever :-) x


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