Tuesday, 4 March 2014


So, anyone who follows me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will know that our yellow bump turned pink yesterday when we welcomed our second daughter into the world. 

And while our story in photographs will appear once I'm out of hospital and settled at home, this week's theme was the perfect opportunity to reflect on a whole pregnancy of yellow, in comparison to my first pregnancy, who was declared "probably pink" at 21 weeks gestation and confirmed at 34 weeks before she arrived a little over due.

Team Yellow. Have I loved it? Yes. Would I do it again? In a heart beat. Were there benefits to knowing the gender before they arrived though? Completely.

When we found out E was a girl, baby preparations became a military option. Her freshly painted mint green nursery was accessorised with pinks and purples and everything we bought was girlie. We found choosing name options easier as we didn't have to worry about the blue ones. I felt able to bond with my bump imagining my pink bundle out in her pram in her spotty foot muff, and dreamed of girlie nights painting our nails and putting on face masks.

With L being a planned section, we've known that it... She would arrive on March 3rd since 18 weeks gestation. We also had a better idea of what our baby would look like this time so we still wanted there to be an element of surprise. And surprise it was when the consultant held my baby above me yesterday and asked me to tell her what it was, as in the last days of pregnancy I had convinced myself I was having a boy and low and behold the spitting image of E, be it a smaller version, hung above me, ready to be the little sister.

But Team Yellow has caused some denial and some laziness at Thursday's Child HQ. If you've read any of my pregnancy posts you'll know that the last 39 weeks have drifted past in a haze and I've been very last minute in my preparations. Poor L has a very limited neutral wardrobe ready to be worn, no bed set up at home yet, and arguments over boys names which were completely unnecessary. She only just got her car seat out of the loft a few days ago.

I would say I kept my cool about Team Yellow until 36 weeks. And then frustration kicked in. But frustration for a few weeks was worth all of it for the huge surprise. And she looks lovely in greys and yellows, and she even rocks blue stars. And I won the girls name row.

So I raise a glass to Team Yellow... To the impatient woman and to my beautiful new daughter.


  1. MASSIVE, huge congratulations! Yellow is beautiful and vibrant... But pink is fluffier And more cuddly ;)

  2. Congratulations on your arrival! As you'll know if you read my Yellow post I don't do the whole Team Yellow surprise thing but we're all different! #TheThemeGame

  3. Ah, beautiful post & the perfect theme for you! We found out with both of ours, though not until 36 weeks with Boo, so we were yellow for a while! Again, huge congratulations - she is gorgeous! Thanks for still taking time out to join in with #TheThemeGame x

  4. Congratulations! I admire your patience at waiting so long to find out. Mr C and I could barely wait to find out for both of ours, and it was touch and go with our second - he wouldn't show us the goods on the scan! Hope you're recovering well!

  5. She looks adorable too. I'm utterly impressed you managed to write a blog post too! Thank you for sharing such a lovely interpretation of yellow with #TheThemeGame

  6. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl! I cannot believe you wrote a blog post the day after giving birth. If that is not dedication... Mel #TheThemeGame


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