Tuesday, 8 July 2014

4 months

It feels like days, not a month since I last wrote about you. I know I say this every month but I'm feeling a bit speechless about where time is going. A third of a year? It doesn't make sense.

What a month it's been! 

We celebrated your baptism last month and you weren't fussed by a face-full of water! You were as good as gold and loved meeting more friends and family. You even slept in your car seat while it wasn't in a moving car. Incredible! (Thanks Mummy Morkus for running my camera while I was busy...)

At 17 weeks you weighed 14lb 2 and you're very much in 3-6 month clothes. I only had two sleep suits from Effy's wardrobe ready for you though so we had to do a quick dash for some new ones! You suddenly seem incredibly long and increasingly robust, and you're starting to enjoy a bit of silliness with your sister; you don't mind if she accidentally squishes you!

At 17 weeks and 2 days you rolled from your front to your back and today at 18 weeks and 2 days you rolled from your back to your front. I missed them both. Last week you were in your cot and when I came to get you after your nap you were starring up at me. Today I came in from hanging in the washing, and there you were, cool as a cucumber on your front. Alas!

You have very little desire to stay still any more. You want to be sat up, stood on laps, in the jumperoo having a bounce or sat up in the pram so you can be nosey. You're more cautious of strangers now though, and you don't always smile at them because they smiled at you.

At meal times you are fascinated by what we're doing and you would probably shove your face in my plate given half a chance. You can't sit in the bumbo to watch any more as you can flip yourself out of it. So that got all of 2 weeks use! 

You've really found your voice and my goodness can you shout and squeal! You've also discovered your inner peace and you almost exclusively settle yourself at nap times and bedtime now.

You're so different to Effy. You're so you. I think you 'get me' a bit more than Effy did at 4 months old... She just used to look at me like I was a loon. You love a selfie and some silly coo-ey noises. Next week you start your settling in sessions at nursery and I feel confident that you'll just breeze through them. Me on the other hand? I'll have my tissues at the ready...

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  1. Oh she looks so grown up with all that hair! Beautiful! Mine are baldies until they are at least 1! Lol! So lovely watching them grow x


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