Thursday, 31 July 2014

Real Mums of All-Bran Challenge

Three lesser-known facts about me:

  • I am a notoriously awful breakfast skipper.
  • I could happily eat chocolate as a breakfast substitute on the odd occasion, however.
  • I don't believe in brand campaigns because I never think they'll work.
So, I'll eat my hat after I write this post.

Here's a secret:

Since I ate dodgy fish and chips 8 weeks pregnant with Effy while watching the Cowes Week fireworks, I have never had a happy gut. I spent both pregnancies either constipated or positively upset, and especially since having Lowen I've felt bloated, and somewhat irregular... Just not "right".

And this is why I was so keen to try the 5 day challenge, care of Real Mums of All Bran.

Here's the thing. I really felt better as a result of eating a bowl of All Bran for five days. I HATE to admit it, remember point three above? 

Suddenly my gut felt happier, less bloated, more comfortable, more regular and definitely more "right". And just when I was wondering if it were mind over matter, when I had finished every scrap of the joy I'd been sent, within a couple of days my innards were back to their usual tricks. Cue a trip to the supermarket and a more conscious effort to eat bran. Happy guts.

There's more to this than a happy gut though.

First off, when I think of All Bran, I think of my granny eating it and recall it tasting of flip flop or something equally unsavoury... Well, Bran has come along way in 25 years because all three flavours (Golden Crunch, Red Berry Crunch and Chocolate Wheats) we were sent to try were delicious. D and Effy loved them all too. There's no points for guessing which flavour disappeared fastest, however...

The Chocolate Wheats were a huge hit. Now, I know I said I could happily eat chocolate for breakfast, and this would fill that box. I'd consider it to be a weekend cereal. A healthier treat to start your Saturday. The Red Berry Crunch went down well and what I really liked about it as that you could really taste the berries coming through, and there was a generous quantity in every serving. The Golden Crunch was a definite week day cereal, but enjoyable despite it's slightly more "ordinary" demeanour. 

Needless to say, the other pro from this challenge is that I ate breakfast with Effy. Recently she's tended to mess around in the company of non-eaters at the table, so it's been easier to potter and leave her to it, but enjoying cereal with her on her non nursery days (she has breakfast with her pals at nursery) has made for a lovely start to our mornings once Lowen is back in bed for her first nap of the day.

And unlike other cereals, I didn't feel like I wanted a snack three minutes after breakfast. Just slipping that one in there.

So, I learned a lot doing this challenge, but most importantly I've realised how key my gut is to my mood... A happy gut makes getting on with day to day stuff easier, and I am really trying hard to not be a breakfast skipper any more but eating bran-based cereal daily. I really do feel All-Bran New! I've also learned that bran doesn't taste of old shoe. Hurrah! 

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  1. I enjoyed reading about how you got on. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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