Friday, 23 May 2014

Family Photo Friday #20 - 23/05/2014

I've fallen in love with my camera again this week. We had some disagreements with focus and I was getting frustrated but I'm pleased to report that we are back on track - phew! 

Two photos from me this week - a rare sight to have me in front of the camera, really, but it happened twice, on different days! So, a picture of me with each of my daughters. This week I'll work on getting one of all four of us. It's not happened yet, I don't think! 

My favourite post from last week was from All About a Mummy - she absolutely captured the love between her two little girls. Thanks so much for sharing! 

Take a moment to recap the rules, please! 
  • Share a family photo from your week just gone. It needn't be a Family Photo Friday specific post, I don't mind you recycling! You can join in weekly, monthly or just whenever you can. It can be a formal portrait or a snap from your phone, something you posed for or something you caught when no one was looking. It could be from a day out, a gathering, an activity at home, it doesn't matter so long as it gives a snap shot of what your family looked like during the week that's just been. 
  • Give us a brief explanation of your photo. 
  • I'd love it if you could grab the badge to add at the bottom of your post and Tweet about it using #familyphotofriday - my Twitter handle is @oneformybaby12. 
  • Pop over to visit at least two other bloggers and see what they've been doing - maybe you can watch their family grow and change too! 
  • Leave a comment if you can. 
I promise to visit as many of you as I can and I'll pick my favourite photo to share next Friday.

Happy photo-taking and memory-making!

Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts


  1. That was my problem. I got this awesome and cheap macro filter that I am using & I am having a problem with autofocus. So I am using manual focus which works. I read somewhere that it is really hard to focus cams on macro shots. I am learning. I wish I am good woth the cams.

    You photos are nice! Adorable daughters =)

  2. Guess what. This is me commenting from my phone! I've troubleshooted and solved the Blogger commenting problem

  3. Love these photos. Mummy cuddles are the best xx

  4. And whilst I'm on a comment roll thank you for featuring my picture from last week xx


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