Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sling it, Mama! #5 Guest Post: Ocha Wrap conversion

We're storming through slings like they're going out of fashion, and I'm thrilled that Charlotte has shared her babywearing journey which finally led her to a conversion wrap - thanks so much, Charlotte.

I love babywearing. Like really, really love it. Slings are fantastic and totally underrated in the modern world of parenting. There have been so many times in my brief few years of being a mother where having a sling has literally saved the day for me - try trying to fit on a packed city bus, wander around a festival or go hiking with a pram, not so fun!

When you first get into babywearing it can be a bit like an addiction. We went through many slings until we found 'the one'. Mei Tais, stretchy wraps, woven wraps, ring slings... and they don't come cheap. Parenting forums are a great way to get cheaper slings and buying them preloved means they are already 'broken in' i.e. soft and squishy and flexible.

Trying out loads of different slings is great - everyone has their own style, some slings may be more comfortable than others for different people - and babies often have a preference too! If you don't have the moolah there are sling libraries or meetups where you can try a variety and see which suits you best.

After buying and reselling a lot of slings we finally found 'the one'. The sling that I still have folded away in a cupboard because I can't bare to part with it even though my babies have outgrown it! I found it on a preloved sling forum, I saw the picture and was instantly smitten. I fought internally with myself for a while 'I don't need another sling! But I love it!'. And I did it. I bought it.

When it arrived we were so excited to try it out, and the moment I put Joshua my baby boy in it, he snuggled up to me and dozed off. Just like that. And that's when I knew it was 'the one'. A hybrid wrap conversion by Ocha made from the beautiful Didymos Agave wrap, with owl fabric and appliqued owls on the sleepy hood. We always got comments about this sling no matter where we were - shopping in town, at festivals... and Joshua loved it. He loved sleeping in it, watching the world go by, he'd always be smiling and giggling.

So yeah, our favourite sling is now tucked away ready to be put to use in the future ;) or passed down to my children for when I have grandbabies, whichever way life decides to take us. I wholeheartedly recommend any parent to try babywearing and if you think it's not for you, you probably haven't found 'the one' yet!

Charlotte blogs at Winegums and Watermelons and tweets here - do show her some love! 

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