Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sling it, Mama! #8 Guest Post: Babywearing and I

Today I'm sharing another babywearing journey, this time from my old friend Mummy Morkus. Thanks for taking the time to write this!


I came pretty late to the baby wearing game. I had brought for me a lovely woven wrap, long gorgeous colours and print. Super soft bamboo. Lush. 

I tried it too early following my section. It left my scar sore and it agrivated back issues following my section. I loved it however and was very sad to find it uncomfortable. It also took me a while to get the wrapping right as this in expert tie below [image at bottom of post] shows!

We waited until L was with us before taking her and J shopping to find a carrier for him, and I, to use. And so a buckle carrier joined us.

This was fab for both J and I until L started to get bigger. We are no where near the weight limit for this bit of kit but it has reached the end of its life for us because of the pain carring a baby who is 9kg. 

It was after a particularly painful journey to and from the library that I re investigated the local sling library. By this point L was nine months. And boy did I miss a trick not going sooner. Hugh boxes full of all manner of slings. 

Woven, stretchy, buckle, structured, ring. Loads of choice. And some one to help you put it on, get it fitting right and to help you put baby in for the first time. Fab. 

I left with a manduca sling, this is a buckle carrier which is pretty structured. It has a little snooze hood to keep sleeping baby cozy. The straps are very padded and it fits around the natural waist. L is also held in a better position wrapped around me rather than legs dangling. This made an instant and massive difference when wearing her. It distributes the weight much more evenly and makes it much more comfortable carrying a 9kg baby. 

This carrier also allowed L to have her arms free so she could peep and watch the world go by. Something which is vital for my nosy baby girl!! 

It transformed baby wearing for me into a go to method of taking out L on my own. Especially for journeys with the dog, to the buggy unfriendly library and children centres and most recently to and from nursery settling sessions. L sleeps well in the sling and I love the closeness of carrying her. 

J has also enjoyed using this sling. The gender neutralness probably helped as other than the Bjorn J never used my woven joy.

I used my woven on and off until L was board facing me, it's still my favourite sling for snuggly newborns but I am yet to find a new wrap position in it to suit us now L is bigger. I would reccomend any new parent to investigate a woven or stretchy wrap for the first 5/6 months. 

I regret not going back to wearing sooner after properly healing but it has taken me a while to trust my body and it's stength again. I will definitely be reaching for slings sooner with baby no.2 when ever that happens! I can see it being even more ideal when also running after L.

Mummy Morkus blogs at The Life and Times of Mummy Morkus and tweets as @mummymorkus - please do pop by and share the love! 

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