Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sling it, Mama! #4 Guest Post: My favourite slings

Thrilled to have one of my best ladies writing for me today about a few of her favourite slings. She's certainly been a mama on a mission to find the perfect sling for her and Dot!!

...when the bills come, when the girl cries, when I'm feeling blue, I simply remember my favourite slings, and then I don't feel, sooooooo baaaaaaad!

Sorry, could't resist, but you get the point.

My journey into baby wearing began when Dot was just weeks old - we were given a Moby Wrap, and I have to say, when she was tiny, it was great.... fiddly... but great! She was so snug and cosy, and I adored wearing it. However as she became bigger and more awake, it was clear it wasn't going to be our 'forever' sling. So, off I went to the New Forest Sling Library - quite frankly one of the best things I ever did on maternity leave. I would recommend this as a starting point for anyone wanting to wear their little one. The way ours work is like this - you rock up with a cheque book (for the deposit) and £5 for the hire, and play with, try on, and experiment with a world of different slings, carriers and wraps. each month you can take a different one (which I did!) and then return and try all over again. It's fab!!

Anyway, month one - Dot is about 4 months by now, and we try on and borrow a Hoppediz HopTye.... well the love was formed instantly. This is a mei tei carrier - essentially, it has a panel of fabric to hold baby, and 4 long straps to do up around your waist and shoulders. The reason I liked this one so much was the fabric is woven, so very strong as well as cosy for babies, and the sleep hood on it was lovely and big - so my snuggly Dot was right as rain!!

I reviewed it a few times, so please feel free to have a look.

I think the ease of this carrier was key - once I had realised that actually what I needed from a baby wearing devise was to be able to put it on myself without a faff, I instantly became hooked on finding the best and easiest carrier for me and Dot.

The journey took me a few months, in fact it wasn't until Dot was 9 months old that we found the one I was willing to part money for..... the Babies in Space SSC.... Heaven.

So why do I love it so much I was willing to part my hard earned pennies, and have it shipped all the way from Australia? 

Several reasons - this was the first buckle carrier I had used, it was simple, fast, and felt so secure. Now other's I have tried had felt safe, don't get me wrong, but this was different. It was going no where!!

Secondly, the waist band is chunky... something I know some people might not like, but for me it meant comfort and security for Dot. This coupled with the thick back panel and chunky straps means no digging in, lots of support and a snug baby for sure.

Thirdly, the hood is massive!! and grows with your child. As a front and back carry system, this means that regardless of how old your baby is, they can still have the hood up for snoozing. Something I have not seen before. It also packs away into a little front pocket.

Fourthly, they're beautiful. No denying it. And the girl who makes them does custom ones as well, so you can choose your own fabric! That's pretty cool!

Fifthly (not even sure if these are words now.... but this is how much I love it), myself and my husband fight over who wears Dot now. He has also fallen in love with it (but he won't admit it!)

And last but by no means least - I know Dot is safe as houses in it. She is perfectly sat, she is comfy, and is HAPPY! 

I guess it comes down to nothing else. You can spend a little money, or a lot of money, but as with everything else in motherhood - your child's happiness is key. And Babies in Space have made for one happy baby that is for sure!! 

Nici blogs over at The Dorothy Chronicles and can be found on Twitter here - go and sing to her about slings!

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