Monday, 30 June 2014

My Kitchen Stories

If I were posting about my kitchen in general right now it would be a tale of woes: How everything has packed up, one by one, while I'm on maternity leave. My washing machine and dishwasher included. Alas.

I had to pick one to replace with immediacy and that was the washing machine... Which left me with a packet of Fairy Platinum to write about and no dishwasher.

No panic. NCT antenatal friend to the rescue with the offer of her dishwasher and kitchen, her opinions based on her experience of her dishwasher AND a free dinner. Oh, and superb company, naturally.

Del's kitchen, much like mine, is the hub of the home. A place where laundry gets done, tums get fed, artwork gets hung and the world has been put to rights many a time over a brew. Like me, she dreams of a few more cupboards but muddles through and the fridge door masquerades as her office.

When she offered to cook me dinner, I asked what we'd be having. Her reply was "Lasagne, because the baked on bits are a great test of a dishwasher tablet". I'm inclined to agree. So dinner was prepped, the dog was tripped over (another similarity with my kitchen, only I have two of the critters fighting for the warm patch in front of the oven) dinner was baked, eaten, and a huge pile of dirty kitchen utensils and dishes generated. It was getting late. "We'll use the quick wash setting, THAT will be a good test!" mused Del.

You can see that the lasagne had indeed baked itself on well. We were both impressed with the result - particularly given the quick wash setting - everything came out shiny and sparkly clean and the only residue of lasagne was a tiny bit of pasta, that clearly just hadn't drained away as it was by no means stuck on. Del's response was "gosh, if it's that good on a quick wash then I'll seriously consider changing to these!" - high praise indeed for the Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablet... And I agree with Del, I think I'll make the change too when I'm eventually reunited with a machine...

So while my kitchen is still in a state of semi dis-repair, I have good things to report: Fairy Platinum will clean up greasy, baked on lasagne, even on a quick cycle, I love my new washing machine even if it is the only thing functioning right now, and the woman you thought was a smidge batty two and a half years ago at an antenatal meeting may well just be the saviour of your blog post. And sanity. Many hurrahs! 

This post is an entry for the "My Kitchen Story" Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Plantinum.


  1. Got very distracted by a very tasty looking lasagne. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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