Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Sling it, Mama! #10: My own journey and top tips for babywearing

So we've come to the end of the Sling it, Mama! babywearing series, and to finish I thought I'd share my tuppence worth about my carrier, along with my top tips for  babywearing. Huge thanks to my nine guest bloggers for taking the time to pen a post over the last month, it's been a blast hosting you all! 

I have been blessed with two girls who as infants didn't/don't do sleeping in the car seat or the pram unless it's moving. Which is fine in principle, but I can't always be moving. With Effy I spent a lot of time drinking coffee in coffee shops with other mummies and their babies would curl up and sleep. Effy would only sleep on me when we were out and she was a big, big baby. My answer was a 2nd hand baby Bjorn. Hands free coffee drinking, sleeping baby. Win. But by 4 months, the Bjorn was out of our lives as it was too uncomfortable carrying 20lbs + and by then she could sit up and was awake more anyway, rolling around on the floor. Then I went back to work and she was happy in the pram and it wasn't until the winter that I found I wanted to carry her again, when it was too muddy for pushchairs. I bought a packpack style carrier and despite loving it, neither of us found it comfortable for long, so we sold it. Then she walked and we stopped worrying.

I knew I would need to carry Baby 2, and my friend let me a borrow her Moby wrap. Lowen arrived, I wrapped, I liked it, but I could never get her to stay tight in the wrap, she was always slipping away as it loosened itselt and I didn't feel that confident wrapping myself... Cue the Action Baby Carrier. I've never looked back and I use it a lot. It's been great for my unexpected days at work as Lowen has slept in it while I've been at my desk, great while I'm nipping down to the doctors and Effy wants to walk, great for popping into town when I've not got Effy in tow. She's comfortable, I'm comfortable and I thought at £70 it was really reasonably price. Getting hold of the prints is hard, but I am a HUGE lover of blue and white and I adore the blue maze print. As she grows she'll be able to go on my back, D loves carrying her too and it's so quick to adjust and throw on... My best purchase without a doubt. I wish I'd bought one for Effy. Oh hindsight! 

So, I've read a lot of babywearing stories this last month. Here are my top tips for baby wearing.

  • Visit a sling library and take advantage of being able to try slings and carriers before you buy and get expert advice on positioning.
  • Consider preloved, especially for woven wraps as they've already been broken in for you but be sure to check they are in a condition you are happy with.
  • Dress your appropriately when carrying; it's warm in there, so consider layers, but don't forget about bare legs and tops of heads in the sunshine either!
  • Use a mirror or reflective surface to check baby's position once secure.
  • Just because you're hands free doesn't mean you're invincible; think carefully about what you're doing while carrying as suddently your inquisitive toddler is at your height and able to grab things they wouldn't be able to on the ground...
  • Above all remember TICKS! Tight, In view, Close enough to kiss, Keep chin off the chest, Supported straight back.
I hope you've enjoyed Sling it, Mama! and maybe felt inspired to babywear as a result. You can read all the guest posts here.

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