Monday, 9 June 2014

Three months

A quarter of a year. It feels likes yesterday that I was writing about 2 months. I must have blinked.

I have no recollection of life without you in it, but yet in my head you're still brand new. Actually, after a fussy week 12, you've proved yourself a bit of an old timer. You want to push up on your legs, sit up in the pram in a proper seat and you grin for everyone who locks eyes with you. You can lift your head right up when you're on your belly and you almost rolled over from your back to your tummy this evening for the first time. There's no stopping you! 

You work like clockwork now and life finally feels normal again. You are incredibly chatty and love to shout! You chuckle when people pull silly faces at you. You can grab hold of toys on your play mat and you've found your fingers and your mouth. I suspect you have a tooth on the way because all you do is chew on them. We got the Jumperoo out of the loft this week and you think that it's brilliant being upright! 

You will settle yourself to sleep now 90% of the time, and you sleep better now you are in your cot in a room with your big sister. She prods you and sings to you and puts all kinds in your cot, but you're not bothered at all. You often spin around on your belly during the night. You love Effy most of all.

I can't believe how far we've come already. And now the fun really starts!


  1. Those first three months just fly don't they? In fact the years seem to fly - my oldest is about to turn 7 and I still can't quite believe he's not a baby any more! It sounds like your daughter is doing really well.

    1. Don't they? These time hop pics flying about on Facebook are a reminder of just how fast time flies!

  2. You have so much fun ahead and so good to have this lovely blog to look back on and remember so much

  3. Aww lovely post, cant believe shes 3 months old already! Sounds like shes doing really well and I'm glad to hear life is feeling normal again! Xx #magicmoments

  4. Nice to see that she loves her sibling at this age already! I was thinking of me and my sister could this be like us too before. When my mother brought her home? The thought just suddenly popped out of my head. I dont know why =P #magicmoments


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