Friday, 27 June 2014

Word of the Week

*shocked noise*
What's up, Effy?
A bug! A buggy bug!
On the window?
Really, what's it doing?
'Swalking! Flying away!

All the time. Bug obsession.

Bug obsession turned bad on Wednesday night: nightmare about bugs.

Cue screaming toddler. Hiding BEHIND her sisters cot.

She demanded to lie down with me under the duvet and clung to me all night.

All of Thursday morning:
Lots of tiny ones spiders. On my pillow. Big one on floor. Not scared. Bit scared.

Even the girls at nursery were told.

On Thursday night and bedtime she was relieved that there were actually no spiders on her pillow.



  1. Eww! I don't like bugs either....

  2. Oh no! Boo went through a bit of a bug fear, too, a year or so ago. Little Man obsesses if he sees a fly! Hope she's over it soon x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Oh dear! What worked with mine was looking at lots of pics of different bugs/beetles/ladybirds/butterflies etc (book or internet!) - then their nosy-ness overtook their fear (but they are kind of exceptionally nosy!) #WotW
    Take care

  4. Oh no glad she was ok once she realised no spiders on her pillow. Poor mite with nightmares x#wotw

  5. I am okay with bugs but I am scared of slimy things! Snails, slugs and worms! Yipesss! #wotw


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