Sunday, 30 June 2013

Silent Sunday

Super Sunday Sync #42

Thrilled to be guest hosting the Super Sunday Sync this week, and a little bit nervous too! Welcome new visitors, it's a pleasure to have you passing by! 

Happy Sunday!

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Friday, 28 June 2013

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Our days of connecting via GFC are numbered.

I am spending this evening making sure that all the blogs I read are added to my Bloglovin' reading list.

Have you remembered to pack me and take me with you?

See you over there I hope! 

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The Soft Play Circle of Trust

When you enter a soft play establishment, do you enter the 'soft play circle of trust'? In what other situation would you willingly leave your bag and its contents (which always contains something importantly however well you pack) unattended and completely out of sight? Today I took E to soft play for the first time solo. We go regularly with friends and bag minders, but never just me, her and the bag. We took off our shoes and off we went. And obviously she wanted to play everywhere we couldn't see our bag, and go and everything that was, by very nature, bag unfriendly.

Is there an unspoken rule that irrespective of your criminal tendencies, you do not thieve in the soft play area? Or do we trust that as a group of parents in a similar situation, we just wouldn't do it to one another?

I didn't give a thought to my bag for 45 minutes while I got friction burn on my heels going on the big bumpy slide.

What a trusting character I must be. A fully fledged member of the Soft Play Circle of Trust, that I may have just founded myself.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Brief letters

Dear Jasper-dog,

Please stop insisting on eating E's crayons. Crayola aren't cheap and I'm positive that they're not good for you innards.


Dear E,

Why must you ALWAYS get poo on the trousers I love you in most? Do you hate them? Is this your first attempts at rebelling against the clothes I choose for you?


Dear Facebook,

Stop trying to trick us with your updates and hashtags. I will not have my security compromised.


Dear new parents, particularly ones known to me,

Please stop making such beautiful babies. They're making me broody and my ovaries ache. 


Dear bank account,

Please stop hiding my money. I worked hard for that.


Dear husband,

Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for backing me up. Thank you for being so kind, and caring and helpful. Thank you for being everything a husband and a father should be. 


Dear E,

Thank you for another perfect Friday. You were so well behaved and so good with Baby Lyra. You had us in stitches over lunch.

I'm sorry I wasn't watching you when I fell off the bench and split your lip. Well done for being such a trooper.


Dear weather,

Make your mind up. The washing is on the line and I really would prefer it dry, not sodden. I'd like to go out in my summer wardrobe without wellingtons and raincoats. If you must rain, just rain from offset and we'll call today a write-off.


Dear Old Armchair,

Please fit in the car. I really don't fancy driving you to another county on top of the Fiat Panda. I'm not sure it's all that safe, but even if it is, I will feel a muppet driving such a huge chair on top of such a tiny car.


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Weekend Round Up

We've had an incredible weekend as a family of three. The first weekend in I cannot remember how long since it was just me, him and her. We pottered around at home yesterday, did a few bits in town, all had our hair cut, played in the garden, rearranged the sitting room with the new furniture and WAIT FOR IT!! Hung out on the new sofa, just the two of us, with a mug of tea in the afternoon and a couple of beers in the evening. Divine. I fell in love with my husband all over again yesterday. Things have been so busy and stressful and I've just not had the opportunity to enjoy him and his company. Yesterday I totally remembered why I fell in love with him in the first place.

We went to the farm today for Father's Day, the first time D has been with E and they both had a great time feeding the animals and playing together. I found myself welling up as they went off on a barrel ride (like a train, but old barrels converted into little seats pulled by a tractor) a little overwhelmed by how lucky I am, how much I love them, how we don't do this stuff as a threesome together enough... 

Note to self: Stop booking so much stuff into the diary.

We got home to discover that E has chicken pox. Actually, all weekend the conversation has been like this:

H: Do you think this is pox?
D: No, don't be stupid it's eczema! 
H: Right o.

H 1 - 0 D.

Happy Father's Day! 

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Father's Day Guest Post

I write about serious stuff. Soppy stuff. Sentimental stuff. I enjoy reading this stuff too. But I also love reading the more light hearted stuff that my fellow bloggers write, especially when it comes to parenting. A few weeks ago, I stumbled across Dad Man Talking's blog and literally wept with laughter. I regularly check in on his posts now and they never fail to entertain. 

I'm absolutely chuffed to be able to host him over here today with a Father's day special, which had me chuckling over my coffee this morning...


I have been kindly asked to do a guest blog for the lovely Thursday's Child on Father's Day. I figured that most of her readers will be mums, so I thought it was only right that I should give you all a few essential hints about what Dads actually want on this special day. 

Firstly - and this is very important - we do not want breakfast in bed made by small inept chefs. The perfect start to the day is not coffee made with cold water and four heaped spoonfuls of Gold Blend rounded off with a foosty bap from the back of the breadbin smeared with something that might or might not be marmite. When we smile and say "This is the best breakfast I've ever had," I'll give you a hint. We are lying.

Honestly, a nice slice of toast will do. 

Next, Father's Day gifts. No matter what they have told you, we do not want compilation CDs with stupid dad names like "Daddy Cool" or "Dad Gets his Funk On" or "Music For Dads to Listen to on the Car Stereo as They Sob Gently in the Pub Car Park Thinking of their Lost Youth". 

I'm being serious. We don't want that. We know what music we like. We've spent decades building up out CD collections - they are extensions of our very selves. And we do not need anyone else giving us crap compilations that will contaminate it. The CDs will end up on charity shop shelves faster than a dead man's suit. 

Nor do we want golf equipment. We are dads now and we will never, ever find the time to golf again. Not until we are retired and our bodies so ravaged by time and gardening that we will barely be able to lift a club. That packet of tees the kids bought us only serves to remind us of our childless friends striding down fairways in the evening sunshine. 

What we really want of course is a shed of our own. Just a small shed where we can retreat to away from the kids. That's what we really want for Father's Day - somewhere we can get away from them. A little space with a radio and some woodworking tools and maybe a bottle or two of strong beer. 

Happy Father's Day!

You can find my regular blog at or follow me on twitter @dad_man_talking 

Felt odd posting without a picture.
Here's E and D enjoying a silly moment recently!

Friday, 14 June 2013


As a parent, I think it's only natural to compare your kid to another. Some people are just more vocal about comparing than others. Comparison is good, but it can also be hideous ("Oh MY child can already recite the alphabet backwards AND say hello in three different languages!"), and I'm sure I'm guilty of sounding like a big boasty pants about E occasionally, unintentionally. With maybe just a smidge of gushy pride. I remember taking E to baby massage when she was about two and half months old and feeling panicked when some of the other babies could lift their head 90 degrees when lying on their tummies and she couldn't. Needless to say within a couple of days of me relaying the story to D, reading about ways to encourage productive tummy time, Googling to see when she should have been able to do it, she did it. Genuine first time mum issue.

You'll know that I made some of my closest mummy friends on my Birth Board (you know, the ones who weren't complete loons? Check here...) and I am also lucky to have a wonderfully supportive group of girls who I met at my NCT antenatal course. But I have one mummy friend, who I don't get to see all that often, but her and her little boy are a little bit extra special, as both our babies were due on the same day.

We knew each other, somewhat tenuously, quite a while before babies were on the scene and our paths crossed though various mutual friends. I still remember the evening she popped up on Facebook to congratulate me, having heard from another friend that I was expecting and the sheer excitement when she told me her news and that there was someone who was at exactly the same point along the way as me.  Not just some other time in March (ie the other end) or maybe even late February. Exactly the same point, on  exactly the same countdown, worrying about the same stuff at the same time. It was interesting to see how our pregnancies differed and to have a sympathetic ear on the bad days. It was fun trying to guess what colour these babies were going to be, and then, once we knew, which baby would have better time keeping skills. Mine caused some havoc so was served a slightly earlier eviction notice (40+4 arriving at 40+5) and hers was probably pushing fashionably late at 40+16 but they both arrived by emergency caesarian after less than ideal labours.

But in theory these two tall, hairy toddlers have existed for exactly the same amount of time. Circa early July 2011.

So having compared them in utero, it was a natural continuation (for me, at least) that we compare them now. They have a lot in common. They're tall for their age, they have a lot of hair, they're passionate, fiery aries (we witnessed a great fight over two plastic bowls today. It was all about ownership of the yellow one. No, the pink one. No. The YELLOW ONE.) They both adore books and animals. Particularly ducks. But it's so lovely seeing how different they are. The different things they like to do. What tickles them. The things that we find infuriating sometimes. And it's even better watching them start to interact with each other.

People will always tell you "every baby is different". I know this. Sometimes they say it like it's a bad thing that we compare. Mine has been reasonably text book, but that's still so very different from the next textbook baby. I don't care how different they are, I do love comparing. I love how these two little ones, who started their journey on (probably) the same day and grew the same way on their race to meet the world are turning into little people, like us grown ups only a lot smaller with less ability to verbalise that they're cross about the fact that he is drinking from a more superior, identical water cup, and I really hope that they get to grow up together. I love that he is braver than her. I love that she doesn't care for the lid of the yogurt like he does. I love that they both think that the gravel is super tasty. 

They'd make us some lush grandchildren one day. 

... Just saying.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Where next?

I am an incredibly lucky woman.

I am 26 with a good job, a mortgage, a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter. It doesn't get any better. 

The last few years have been exciting. When I finish my degree.... When I finish training... When we get married... When we've bought a house...  When we have a baby... I've ticked those boxes now. There will be more babies. The next house is not an option right now. D has a new job. I'm fine where I am for now.

I guess I feel a bit lost. I feel like I'm just back to counting down to the next school holiday. I am lacking a focus. A milestone, perhaps. I guess because all our plans aren't definite or out of our control. At some point we'll do the kitchen. We'll get to work on number two later this year. Maybe we'll get away next year... It's all a bit up in the air and open to change and I find it quite unsettling.

I've always been a planner and a waiter. I could have put my life on hold waiting for E, looking at baby stuff, getting ready and drinking tea. Now she's here I love every moment, I am far more spontaneous than ever before and planning goes out of the window as someone always has other ideas.

Does needing milestones mean you're wishing life away? How will I feel when my family is complete and we are counting down to the next school holiday? Does this feeling go away?

Probably not, I suspect, but I think having children changes things somewhat. Wedding planning for that one big day, the first day of that chapter. Watching that bump grow and imagining what the little in person will look like, the day that they arrive is a start of another chapter. But these days, every day is like a mini chapter, or at least a new paragraph. We might be waiting for teeth, or another word, but every day is exciting and new and rewarding. 

I know that the milestones that are to come will be rewarding and exciting too. A kitchen that I can cook AND entertain in. The next career step. A sibling and best friend for my wonderful daughter. A week in the sunshine. But actually more importantly, it's all about living for now. I won't get these days back waiting for the next thing to happen.

It's time to start enjoying them even more.

Saturday, 1 June 2013


What a wonderful week it has been! The wet middle of half term week didn't stop us having fun and I can return to work on Monday feeling like I had a really good week off.

If you've been reading my "Wing it" posts, you'll know that I've explored some new stuff for E to do (and if you haven't you can read about Activity 1, 2, 3 and 4). Activity 5 needs some more photographs before I can write about it. But on top of that we've done a whole load of other stuff that's made for a memorable week. Firstly, we've spent the whole week at home, no nights away, no packing, no stress. We've caught up with friends, we've gotten our first grazed knees, we've seen my dad, we've (started to) spruce up the garden, we've barbecued, we've played outside loads, we've played with new toys, we've read books, we've been to the farm... And most importantly, the three of us have spent a huge amount of time with each other. Simply divine.

I know I've said it before but E continues to get better and better. She is such good company, so much fun. At the end of every school holiday I reflect on what a good time off I've had and each one trumps the previous one. Goodness me - the summer holiday promises to be the bees knees! 

So, changed afoot this week. E starts full time in her new room on Monday. D is starting his last half term at school before he changes jobs in September. I have some gain time in the absence of Year 11. Some breathing space.

Thought for the week: It gets better and better.

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