Mama H

Thanks for popping by.

Once upon a time this was a blog for me to record life as a mother and share photos of my daughter.

Life has changed a lot in the last few years and regrettably I don't have time for this blog anymore... It'll just sit here, I like to look back at it. My time is still consumed by my children and my camera.

These days I'm a wedding photographer in Northamptonshire - if you'd like to see more then please use that link to pop on over to my website and take a browse.

Hannah xx


  1. Hi H,
    Just wanted to drop by and say Hi. I am co-hosting with you on Super Sunday Sync. Oh, motherhood,what an incredible journey. My advice, enjoy every moment. It goes by so quickly and before you know it, they are having their children and you wonder where did the time go.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hey Bev!

      Thanks for stopping by! Excited to be co-hosting with you. I am loving every single moment... I have no idea where the last 15 months went.... Being pregnant didn't go that fast!

      Off to take a nosey at your blog now! xx

  2. Just read this and it's made me very emotional! I love your blog, always so articulate and funny xxx


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