Friday, 31 January 2014

Family Photo Friday #5 - 31/01/14

I took advantage of having a friend with me to snap a quick family photo of us when we were out walking last weekend... I love that we have these photos. There aren't many more opportunities for pictures as a threesome... Roll on the foursome!

My favourite picture from last week's linky came from All about a Mummy - I'm so glad that people are actively seeking out opportunities for photographs of all their families together!

So, it's the last weekend of January and lots of people suggested that this would be the week they joined in picking their favourite photograph from the month. No excuses now! 

Let's recap the rules! 

  • Share a family photo from your week just gone. It needn't be a Family Photo Friday specific post, I don't mind you recycling! You can join in weekly, monthly or just whenever you can. It can be a formal portrait or a snap from your phone, something you posed for or something you caught when no one was looking. It could be from a day out, a gathering, an activity at home, it doesn't matter so long as it gives a snap shot of what your family looked like during the week that's just been.
  • Give us a brief explanation of your photo. 
  • I'd love it if you could grab the badge to add at the bottom of your post and Tweet about it using #familyphotofriday - my Twitter handle is @oneformybaby12.
  • Pop over to visit at least two other bloggers and see what they've been doing - maybe you can watch their family grow and change too!
  • Leave a comment if you can.
I promise to visit as many of you as I can and I'll pick my favourite photo to share next Friday.

Happy photo-taking and memory-making!

Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts


  1. That's a really lovely photo of you all. I'm going to take advantage of someone being about to get one of us next time, I think!

  2. Aww lovely photo of the 3 of you, we hardly ever manage to get photos of all 3 of us together! xx

  3. This is exactly what we hoped would happen when we started Me and Mine last year, that we would inspire everyone to get more snaps of their families! Look forward to seeing baby when they arrive! xx

  4. It's so lovely to see lots of families being inspired to take more photos together, just as Lucy said, that's exactly what we hoped for when we started doing Me and Mine last year: that people would actually get in the photos with their families a bit more often. It's a lovely shot of your little threesome, soon to be foursome. Exciting times ahead. x

  5. It's a lovely photo, so happy, and so exciting that it will soon be a picture of four!

  6. I wish I'd got more photos of us as a family of 3 before my second son came along. Thank you for linking up to Me&Mine. It would be lovely if you could add our badge when you get a moment please :-)

  7. I love family photos! We don't have many of the three of us together but I'm trying to change that!
    Beautiful photo xx

  8. Glad to have you on the Me & Mine linky. It's a great project :)
    Becky - Ar-Blog

  9. Gorgeous photo! I hope to join in with this linky at some point and I'm going to add it to my linky page :) x


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