Monday, 20 January 2014

We've been reading (300 Picture Book Challenge)

A lot of our recent books have been about "choo choos" - better known as Thomas the Tank Engine. We own The Engine Shed, a baptism gift from E's godfather (he and I both avid Thomas lovers as children!) which is the complete collection... We are working through slowly!

It's not all been locomotive themed though...

We finished week 3 at a total of 42. I can feel us slowing down a little as we re-read books from earlier up the list...

Here's my up to date list on Pinterest.




  1. I feel like I might need to get this 'Engine Shed' - my pair do like Thomas! 42's good going, too, in just 3 weeks of the challenge!

  2. Lots of week 3 comments about slowing up, I think it must be the stage where repeats start building up :-) Thank-you for linking.


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