Saturday, 14 September 2013

An incredible woman

Most of the time, life just happens. You don't really think about it. Each day starts, you do stuff, at some point in the evening you call time on it. We try to savour each moment, but sometimes everything's just going on and it passes us by... It's generally uneventful. But we like the familiarity. And then you receive a phone call with some completely unexpected news and it leaves you speechless... choked... Makes you remember that you're so incredibly lucky to have everything you have, that the fact that the washing machine didn't get emptied before bed didn't matter that much, that actually it's never as bad as it could be.

It makes you put on someone elses boots. How you remember those feelings. Like you want to stop time. Live in the moment forever. Or turn the clocks back and hope that second time you find another route that might work out better.

Your heart breaks for the people around them as you remember what it's like to be them.

It makes you cross that the most horrible of things happen to the very best of people. 

It makes you admire their bravery, their strength and their determination. 

Today I'm thinking of an incredible women and her family. A face from my teenage years, whose children were my friends growing up, who is fighting so bravely that her news escaped me, so bravely that I hadn't even realised she was so poorly.

What an inspiration you are.


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