Saturday, 21 September 2013

NappyKind Boutique Leg Warmers review and GIVEAWAY!

I jumped at the opportunity to review some leg warmers from NappyKind Boutique... The weather was clearly picking up that hint of autumn, so my attention had turned to winter wear for E, and what we would need this year that was different to last year.

Last winter was so different: She wasn't walking until just after Christmas and even when she was it wasn't far, so she spent a lot of time in the pram or carrier when we were out with the dogs. The pram was no biggy. We had a sheepskin footmuff for her that kept her toasty, and chunky snow suits for the trips out in the carrier to keep her warm.

But this year we have an explorer. A girl who loves to run ahead, splash in puddles, pick up leaves. A girl who can actually walk in wellies, as apposed to just have them on her keep when she's in the trike. So those fluffy snow suits of baby-hood are no longer practical, and she doesn't want to sit in the pram, however warm in might be. And if we're walking for a long time, she might want to walk for some, but be carried for the rest. Her legs are still diddy really, at 18 months old. So we have to put a little more thought to her remaining warm in the carrier, but a little cooler when she's moving herself. And my first thought was leg warmers. It couldn't have been more of a coincidence that NappyKind were looking for some reviewers.

A friend of mine mused about how they were cute but what was the point? Well, leg warmers can be taken out in your pocket or bag and popped on if it's chillier than you thought. Or the other way round if it's actually warmer. Leg warmers keep your legs warm in the carrier if there's a bit of a breeze and your jeans aren't of the skinny variety. Leg warmers make a pair of leggings warmer. Leg warmers are good with wellies, which despite being good in the wet have a tendency to be cold on the feet. And most importantly, leg warmers are really rather cute.

I picked two different designs for E. A giraffe print pair (we talk about giraffes a lot and she pretends to chomp on leaves) and a more girlie stripy pairs in pinks and reds. I had read that these leg warmers fitted a really wide age bracket of legs and was a smidge skeptical, but was impressed with the stretch on them when they arrived. And not only are they stretchy, they seem well made and they're super soft too. 

My concern was that they wouldn't stay up well, but E has spent the morning tottering around in them today, up stairs, down stairs, climbing on furniture, and even on her chubby thighs they've resisted falling down. The only battle here is that she loves removing her socks repeatedly, and it would seem leg warmers are just as much fun. I'm sure it's just a phase... I popped some trousers on over the top of them too and the leg warmers stayed in place just fine, and didn't look bulky under them. They're not so thin, however that you'd feel they weren't doing anything for warmth. 

Most importantly they do look super cute. E loves to potter about in her nappy and a t shirt when we're at home and that combo, particularly if she's got cloth on, topped off with leg warmers looks even my scrumptious. We're long past crawling but I wish we'd had some of these to give her knees a bit more protection... I guess a baby learning to crawl in warmer weather could really benefit from these on their knees! 

The stripy number retails for £5.99 a pair, while the giraffes retail for £6.99. I cannot see any difference in quality for that extra £1 and can only assume that the weave of the giraffes is a little more complex than the stripes and that's reflected in the price. Looking around this seems about the average price for some toddler leg warmers. I've seen some cheaper and some more expensive. They perhaps feel a tad over priced if you consider that you can pick up some woolly leggings on the high street for around £6 a pair, but then again, NappyKind Boutique are an independent retailer, and I'd expect their prices to be a little more.

So overall, a neat little product that does what I want it to do, while looking very cute. A pair will certainly be living in my bag over the winter just in case it gets a little chillier and those legs could do with an extra layer!

NappyKind have kindly provided me with an pair of unisex leg warmers to give away... To be in with a chance of getting your little one's legs in them this winter, all you have to do is plug myself and NappyKind on some of our social media sites using the widget below and I'll pick a winner at random next weekend! Hurrah!

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NappyKind Boutique kindly provided me with these leg warmers at a discounted price for the purpose of review, and one pair for free for the giveaway, however all opinions are my own and completely uninfluenced by NappyKind Boutique or any other party.


  1. Great review! I adore the giraffe ones!!
    Knee protection would have been ace when Crawling! But the boy does like to be as nekkid as possible so these would be ace!! xx

  2. OMG totally want! Popped over from Mondays Parenting Pin It Party and about to enter the giveaway... though I fear they don't come in my size...

  3. for a baby to crawl around the house

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